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Friday, June 23, 2006

Pipe with Pip

The other day Pippin and I decided to smoke our pipes. We were smoking for about an hour when I said,"Hey, let's go mess with people!"
"Ok," he said.
First cam Sam's house. Remembering the joke that was played on him in the winter we decided to fill his room with a bunch of snow. But then we realized it was the middle of June, so we poured melted snow in his house.
Next was Frodo's house.
"Hey!!!" said Pippin,"lets get a bunch of pepperoni slices and stick them to his windows so he can't see out of his house!!!"
So we bought a bunch of pepperoni and stuck it to his windows.
Next came Merry's house. We wrote "I wear short shorts" in his front lawn in gasoline and set it on fire. We didn't realize he was home, and he came out and yelled at us a little, but then joined us.
Next was Aragorn and Arwen's house. He he he. First, we filled up their mailbox with dry leaves, and set them on fire. Then we snuck in and exchanged all of Aragorn's underwear with thongs and put mice in Arwen's sock drawer. I think I might have passed out after that because the last thing I remember is this:



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What does that have to do with cows?

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